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West London College action plan relating to the Review for Educational Oversight October 2016

Recommendation Action to be taken Date for completion Action by Success indicators
monitor staff development at institutional level to support and contribute to effective staff appraisal (Expectation B3)
  • Regularly engage with teaching staff to ensure they feel supported.
  • Carry out annual appraisals, taking into account student feedback and exam outcomes.
June 2017 and ongoing through to December 2017. NT & MS  
ensure that the information on the website concerning the current academic provision is fit for purpose and trustworthy (Expectation C)
  • Remove the course content on the external facing website and replace with a landing page with a generic email address for making contact with the college.
End of April 2017. SC & NT  
  • Maintain the my-wlc.co.uk VLE until the end of teaching in December 2017.
December 2017. NT  
make explicit in writing to students the arrangements for the completion of studies, and the support that will be provided after graduation (Expectation C).
  • WLC landing page to provide a statement on the college’s situation and contact e-mail address.
End of April 2017 NT
  • HWU to identify a person within the School of Social Sciences to advise undergraduate students about re-sits as necessary.
End of February 2018 NT
  • HWU to provide an email address within Registry to be placed on the WLC landing page in February 2018.
End of February 2018 NT
  • WLC and HWU to agree a generic statement for use in reference requests for WLC alumni of HWU degree programmes.
End of 2017 NT
  • WLC to liaise with other awarding bodies (i.e. SQA, CTH etc.,) with regard to providing points of contact of the landing page.
End of 2017 NT